Hello! And welcome to the promise of super extreme fun times at Anna Blogs. (Disclaimer: no returns, no exchanges. Fun times are at the discretion of the author and reader).

I’m almost five years into my career as an author and I’ve never run a blog about writing. Probably because I’m so busy with other things! However, I feel the time is right and I’d really like to finally turn my hand to it. Obviously I’ve picked a time when blogging seems to be a dying art—but hey, at least I’m not one in a sea of bloggers now, right?!

I’ll be posting about once a week and because of who I am as a person I won’t be sticking to a particular day or time. If you want to stay up to date you can sign up for alerts and everything will be delivered straight to your mailbox.

I thought I’d kick off by giving a little recap of my time at the RT Booklovers Convention, which was held in Las Vegas at the beginning of April. As you might know if you follow any of my social media feeds, I recently spent three weeks in the US, starting with a week in Vegas for RT. I had prepared myself for a ten and a half hour flight from London… except when we arrived there were electrical storms over the city. So we were diverted to California to re-fuel, and by the time I arrived in Vegas it was more like a fifteen hour flight. Yuck. (I was later told by a taxi driver that it was only the fourth time there had been rain in Vegas since December. Typical!)

The RT convention itself was as crazy as I’d been warned, however some intense pre-con briefing from Tere Michaels, Poppy Dennison and Damon Suede definitely helped me prepare. This was my first time at RT, though I have in the past been to GRL, the UK Meet, and Euro Pride Con. Obviously RT is geared towards all romance readers, not just LGBT romance readers, and one of my concerns would be that I’d experience some snootiness towards us.

Of all my interactions with other authors and readers over the weekend, I only had one negative experience, and even that wasn’t bad. (I told an older, female reader I write gay romance and she kind of turned her nose up and said “Oh, I don’t read that.” I’m a tough cookie. No biggie.) On the balance of things, I found a whole lot of readers were curious about gay romance, the ones who are already fans are BIG fans, and the big New York publishers are definitely interested in what we’re doing.

I have to say how incredible Dreamspinner Press were, I felt like there was a team behind me all the time and there were so many familiar and friendly faces around. If you’re considering going to RT in the future you will definitely meet people there you already know from the LGBT publishing community. I guarantee it.

I’m now looking ahead to RT 2017 in Atlanta and how I can get even more out of the event there. If you have any other questions about the event (and what it’s like to be there as a newbie!) feel free to hit me up. I’ll leave you with some pictures from the event.



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