Travel Recap

In my last post I wrote a bit about my experience at the RT Booklovers Convention, but I was actually in the United States for two more weeks after the con. Here’s what I was up to.

Most people, after a busy and intense con like RT, go home and sleep for a week. I decided to go to Disneyland.

I left Vegas on Sunday afternoon, arrived in Anaheim late on Sunday night, and went straight to bed. The next morning I got up, put a lot of suntan lotion on my very pale skin, and skipped off down the street to Disneyland.

Although I’ve been to Disneyland Paris and Disney World before, this was my first trip to the original Disneyland, and it was awesome. I become a big kid in theme parks, and I’m a particularly big fan of anything Disney, so this was definitely my jam. I got to spend a day in the original Disneyland park, then the second day I got a “park hopper” ticket which meant I could go back and forth between the two. It was a fairly hot couple of days and I did get a little sunburned on the top of my head, but I loved it. I’m including some of my photos because of who I am as a person.


When I left Anaheim I went up to Los Angeles for three days to explore another gorgeous city. I stayed in a hostel, which I did quite a lot in my younger days, and I do like the unique hostel vibe. One night I sat outside enjoying a beer with a girl from France, a girl from Finland, a guy from Poland and a guy from Sweden. It’s always fun to talk to other people and get their impressions on a place.

After getting a bit more sunburned down at Santa Monica beach I headed east to New York. I’ve been to NYC a few times before, but not in about ten years and never on my own. I love this city, it’s one of the few places outside the UK I could see myself living.

I stayed at the incredible Jane Hotel on the Lower West Side; the hotel was once a boarding house for sailors and actually housed the surviving sailors of the Titanic. All the rooms are like ship’s cabins and the bar is incredible! It’s a much cheaper and far more interesting option for a hotel in New York, so check it out if you ever visit the city.

During the week I did lots more walking around, seeing the city and catching up with friends. I spent a couple of hours with the wonderful Damon Suede, chatting about this year’s RT and planning next year, though the conversation did drift into our shared history and love of theatre!

I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling over the past few years, much of it the result of being a writer. Last year I visited Orlando (for the Dreamspinner Press workshop weekend), Munich for Euro Pride Con, and Morocco with my sister. This year I’ve already been to Paris, my three weeks in the US, and I’ll be going back to Edinburgh this summer like I always do.

I really love being able to explore new places—in particular I’m drawn to cities. I love finding the little hidden gems down side streets, or restaurants that look incredibly dodgy on the outside but have the best food you’ve ever tasted.

So let’s make this one interactive—tell me your favourite place you’ve ever travelled to, and somewhere you’re desperate to see one day. I might add some more places to my bucket list!



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