Hello from me…

It’s been a few weeks, so here’s a fairly self-indulgent update.

I started a new job at the beginning of July, which has turned out to be an excellent move. Some of you might remember me talking earlier in the year about how miserable my last job was making me after the company I was working for got taken over. The opportunity to make a strange little career step came up (less money, far more opportunities and chances for progression) and I took it. I’m now working for a children’s charity in Bristol and loving it.

My starting in this role marks the first time the charity has ever had someone doing Marketing (and press, PR, comms, web design, social media, content, copywriting, etc, etc), so I’ve got a big challenge on my hands! I love that though – being able to get stuck into a job and create something where previously there was nothing.

In two weeks I’ll be taking a long weekend off the job and heading down to Southampton for the UK Meet. I’m currently planning an epic road trip with Jay Northcote, Annabelle Jacobs and Rachel Maybury… I think that might get loud! I love the UK Meet. It’s such a different kind of convention. This will be my 5th year, having previously been at Bristol (x2), Manchester and Brighton. I’m particularly looking forward to the first session of the weekend, on Saturday morning, where I’ll be taking part in a session with Garrett Leigh and Kellie Dennis about cover art. Kellie will (hopefully – if the technology works!) be designing a cover live during the panel.

Writing is being a funny beast at the moment. I go through phases like this – when I read like a fiend but find working on my own stuff more difficult. I have a pact with my darling friend Tia Fielding that we will both finish SOMETHING else by the end of the year. That’ll mean next year you’ll see at least two novels and a novella from me. Not bad going, I don’t think 😉

So, that’s been my summer so far. Keep an eye out for me at the UK Meet and please do come chat if you’re there too. I love catching up with people.

Much love



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