My Impossible Story

I honestly can’t quite believe that The Impossible Boy is released today. I started working on this novel in early Spring 2013, somewhere in between writing Jurassic Heart and Summer Son. I was spending a lot of time up in London at that point with a friend there, who took me to all the little awesome dive rock bars in Camden. That’s when the story really started to take shape in my mind.

The story got abandoned over and over again while I worked on other projects, and that’s probably why I’m so nervous for it to finally be out there in the world. I lost faith in the novel multiple times. I convinced myself no one would want to read a story about a transgender/gender fluid guy. I wasn’t prepared to give up the British setting and spelling and gratuitous use of the word “cunt”. I convinced myself that no one wanted to read that, either.

It was late last year, when I was still battling with my own mental health demons, that I finally felt like I could take on some of Stan’s demons and finish the novel in the way I wanted it to be finished, staying true to the characters and the story. It just so happened that my finishing the novel coincided with Dreamspinner’s launch of the ‘Perchance to Dream’ line, which is their house line for stories set in the British Commonwealth.

I always thought that Dreamspinner wouldn’t be interested in my impossible story, mostly for it’s in-your-face Britishness. However, I adore them as my publisher and especially considering how delicately I wanted this story to be handled, I wasn’t confident sending it to another publisher. The new house line gave me the opportunity to keep the story how I wanted it, with a publisher I trust. I honestly can’t thank them enough.

There are so many things I could say about this novel but for once i’m going to try and leave everything on the page. (It’s for that reason I haven’t scheduled a blog tour or any interviews. Not because I don’t want to talk about the novel – I really do! – but I don’t know what more I can add to what’s written in the book itself and if I tried I’d probably fuck it up.) 

Just a few thank yous – to Garrett, who gave me the most incredible cover, then read the book and became a cheerleader for it. Most authors only dream of getting work with artists like you. And to Tia, who listened to me whine about this story for almost four years, never got bored of it, and kept nudging me to just write the damn thing. To a wonderful trans* editor who gave me so much invaluable feedback. And to all of the readers who will give this story a chance. 

One of my dreams is coming true today. 



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