Rainbow Sprinkles Blog Tour Finale!

Hello! And welcome to the grand finale of the blog tour for my Dreamspinner Press ‘States of Love’ novella Rainbow Sprinkles.

Rainbow Sprinkles tells the story of Cooper, a down-to-earth guy who makes ice cream at the Dreamy Creamery, and Drew, who’s a Prince at Disneyland. I’d actually had the idea for the characters for a while when I saw the open call for States of Love novellas, which gave me the perfect excuse to write a ridiculously fluffy little story about two guys falling in love in California.

And Disneyland.

I’m a big, big Dis-nerd. Unapologetically so, with a huge amount of love and an abundance of opinions. Since Rainbow Sprinkles is only a novella I don’t want to give too much of the story away, so I’ve got a little excerpt for you and through my blog tour I’ve been covering some of my favourite parts of Disneyland!

Today is a bonus post… you’ll see why! Please do leave a comment and let me know your favourite places and attractions at Disneyland!

Thanks for stopping by.

Anna xx


Rainbow Sprinkles, available March 29th 2017 from Dreamspinner Press

Rainbow Sprinkles - Anna Martin.jpg

Buy here: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/rainbow-sprinkles-by-anna-martin-8312-b



California was sweltering through an early heat wave, the temperatures hitting the low 90s—and it was only April. Cooper’s hottie was sweating at the temples, just a little, just enough to dampen his dark blond hair.

“Can I get a….”

He looked over the menu like he didn’t stop by here at least once a week. Cooper would have expected anyone who got two sundaes a week to be a little chubby around the edges, but not his hottie. He was tall and broad shouldered, with a narrow waist and long legs. Most of the time he came by in workout gear. Whoever thought to put an ice cream parlor on the same patch as a gym was either an idiot or a genius. Probably a genius, since the Dreamy Creamery was signposted on billboards for miles, and they were on the main route into Disneyland. The place saw a lot of tourist traffic.

“Birthday Cake and Green Tea.”

Cooper winced. “You sure?”

“I’m adventurous.”

“You’re sure something,” Cooper laughed, turning back to the freezers and his scoop. “In a cup, right?”

“Yeah. And with—”

“Rainbow sprinkles,” Cooper finished for him.

Always the same. Always gross combinations of ice cream, topped with rainbow sprinkles, and if that wasn’t code, Cooper was going to die.



Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

The whole time I was writing posts for the Rainbow Sprinkles blog tour I was feeling a little sad, because my absolute, all time favourite ride at Disney is The Little Mermaid. However, in California, it’s located at the California Adventure park rather than in the main Disneyland park (at the Magic Kingdom in Florida it’s in Fantasyland) which technically excludes it from my list of favourite things at Disneyland.

So I decided to hell with it, I’m going to talk about it on my own blog!

Ariel is my favourite Disney princess, and definitely towards the top of my list of all time favourite Disney movies. (I actually prefer a lot of the classics to the modern modern movies – Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, the Aristocats, Peter Pan, Fox & the Hound, Robin Hood….)

The Little Mermaid is a classic “dark ride”, taking you through scenes on a similar ride system to the Haunted Mansion. There’s a truly magical moment when you go backwards and down, heading under the sea, and bubbles rise up in front of you. Little touches like that always make me smile.

The animatronics in this ride are incredible. The Ursula figure is the biggest animatronic Disney Imagineers have ever made (at 12 feet wide, almost 8 feet tall) and she’s just amazing, as is Sebastian crooning in the ‘Kiss the Girl’ scene.

Out of all the more recent additions to Disneyland, I feel like the Little Mermaid ride is most in keeping with the spirit of classic Disney rides. It’s undoubtedly modern, with the scale and complexity of the animatronics and the UV glow of the fishes, but with a simple heart and awesome storytelling. One of the absolute best things about this ride is how short the wait times usually are! I’ve been known to head back to ride it again and again… why wouldn’t you, when there’s only a ten minute wait?!

So, there we go, folks. I don’t think I need to tell you just how much fun I had writing these posts. Give me even half a chance to talk about my love of all things Disney and I’m right there! I hope you’ll check out Rainbow Sprinkles – writing that story was even more fun than talking about it here, and if you like my ramblings about my love for Disneyland then definitely be sure to check it out because there’s plenty more of it in the book!



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